Custom X Bodyboard Review 42″ XPEC

If you like the Titan, check out the new XPEC Crescent bodyboard from Custom-X! Length: 42″ Crescent Tail Surlyn Bottom Channels Contoured Deck 2x Stringer


Custom X Bodyboard Review – Custom X XPEC 42″ Crescent Tail Bodyboard

This board is very similar to the Custom X Titan. In this custom x bodyboard review I’ll review everything about this board. You’ll learn what exactly is inside this custom x  bodyboard, what all the features do and how they affect your ride on the waves, and help you decide if this custom x bodyboard review is for you.

Let’s start it off with how this  bodyboard looks. It has a nice deep blue deck with white logos. At the top you have a white Custom X logo. The deck has contour channels or grooves for extra grip and a nice feel. Towards the bottom right of the board is the Xpec series branding also in white. This board looks pretty nice, white on blue is a cool combo if you ask me. Visually the board does look sort of soft,but in reality this board is pretty stiff.

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Custom X makes some pretty sick boards, check out this video of Monchy Garcia, Ulises Rodriguez, and Miguel Torres shredding up some waves in Mexico. These are all done on custom x boards. If these guys are riding on these boards and pulling stuff off like this, then you know you have a good quality board.

Custom X Bodyboard Review Features

In this custom x  bodyboard review we’ll go over all of the features of this bodyboard and what they do to help you better decide if this board is for you.

  • New Board
  • Polyethylene core
  • Contoured Deck
  • Two stringers
  • Crescent Tail
  • Channels

This custom x bodyboard review is going to talk about how this bodyboard is brand-new from custom X. This board is very similar to the Custom X Titan, which is a great custom x bodyboard. However, with this board – it was out with the old and in with the new! And that’s what we have here. A new board form custom x with some awesome features that you would find on most high end bodyboards but for quite a bit less than what you would pay for a high end bodyboard.

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The bodyboard in this custom x bodyboard review is the Custom X XPEC bodyboard. The board has a polyethylene core which is commonly known as a Dow core or a (PE core). It’s extruded polyethylene. This is one of the most famous bodyboarding materials out there! PE cores aren’t typically found in higher end bodyboards. So as far as the core is concerned, this core is not top notch, but still very good – especially for the price you would pay for it. If you’re curious a high quality core would be something like a beaded polypro core – but if you want a beaded polypro core than you’re going to have to shell out some cash for it. PE cores have qualities that allow the board to provide great flotation for the rider. It’s also a very durable material.

The deck on this board does not look like its a filmed TCD deck. Check out another custom x bodyboard review for what a TCD deck or a filmed TCD deck is. For this custom x bodyboard review this board appears to have a softer deck material – i’m not entirely sure what it is but it looks like a softer material (maybe not as high quality). If you’re familiar with how the decks on a $200+ board feel it does not appear that this board has those qualities. None the less the deck has contoured grooves in it. This is kind of a random side note, but the way the contours travel up the deck and around the custom x logo make it look like a viper or something – looks sick. AT the top of the board on the nose, the contours allow you to get a really firm grip on the nose of the board. Also along either side of the board it appears that the contours allow you a really nice place to put your elbows when riding on a wave.

This board has two stringers in it – that makes the board a bit stiffer. So they make up for the lesser dow core but throwing in two solid stringers. I like this a lot. The board is flexible, yet rigid and firm at the same time. The stringers allow the board to flex without keeping that flex shape. Stringers essentially act as a skeleton or spine for your bodyboard. if you want a board with a lot of flex. Then check out some of another custom x bodyboard review on our website.

NMD bodyboards Clipped crescent tail

In this Custom X bodyboard review i’ll review what a crescent tail does for a bodyboard like this. This custom x bodyboard, the custom x xpec bodyboard, is going to allow the rider to retain a great deal of control over the  board. A crescent tail digs into the wave and allows the rider to get a better grip on the wave. In general, crescent tail bodyboards are more forgiving than bat tails or other variations of bodyboard tails. for this custom x bodyboard review the crescent tail gives a sticky feeling into the side of the waves which helps the rider put more power into turns without the risk of overturning or ending up in a way that is undesirable by the rider. More information here about the different tail designs.

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This board comes with bottom channels. For our custom x bodyboard review we find that about 50% of the bodyboards have channels. Most of them are higher end bodyboards, but the use of channels on a bodyboard is a preferential thing. Some people like channels and some don’t. Channels are typically designed to allow better “holding power and control in your turns”. If you want more information about bodyboard channels then check out this link.

So what’s the verdict for this board?

A pretty awesome board i would say, you have awesome contours on the deck which provide added comfort for the rider and better hand holds. The board is stiff yet flexible due to the two stringers in the board and the Dow core that the board has. For this custom x bodyboard review – i recommend this board due to its price.

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