Cartel Bodyboards – D5 bodyboard

Get your hands on this insane model of the Cartel D-Five Bodyboard!!!! Featuring a progressive bat tail for all around function whether prone or drop knee, bottom channels, 50/50 rails, deck contours, and a single stringer HD polypro core, you’ll be flying through any section on this board! Board Dimensions: Length: 42.5″ Width: 12.25″ Nose: 18.25″ Tail: 21.75″


cartel bodyboards

Cartel Bodyboards

The D5 bodyboard by cartel bodyboards is a very unique board. Compared to many other bodyboards that we’ve reviewed this board has a unique shape. It almost forms sort of an A shape and is slightly more pointed towards the nose of the board. A pretty awesome board. The deck is white and the logos and branding are black. At the top is the cartel bodyboards logo in black, along the left side is the D5 branding, and along the bottom right is the cartel bodyboards branding again. This board looks awesome if you ask me.

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Cartel bodyboards has many pros riding their boards. They were established in 1996 and have been making awesome bodyboards ever since. They also make skating gear and other stuff that a board company makes. But for this sake of this review we’re going to stick to cartel’s bodyboards. Here is a video of why Cartel bodyboards is awesome.

Cartel Bodyboards Features

  • Progressive Bat Tail
  • Bottom Channels
  • 50/50 Rails
  • Single Stringer
  • Polypro core

Progressive Bat Tail

This board features a “progressive” bat tail. Typically a bat tail is going to give the bodyboarder much more speed as opposed to other tail configurations. I will note that with a bat tail you lose some of the control that the board offers. However, at the sacrifice of control and maneuverability comes the amazing speed this board has to offer. Seriously, this board is known for being a dart out in the waves it goes really fast!

Bottom Channels

Some of the control and maneuverability that you do sacrifice with the bat tail is regained with these bottom channels. Bottom Channels not only add some speed to the board but they also help the bodyboard regain some of its grip on the wave. The channels help enhance performance by channeling out the water underneath the board. This creates a better grip on the wave. Usually you will find channel configurations on bat tail bodyboards – which is really where they belong. Channels and a bat tail is a great performance combo. Truly awesome stuff here.

Rails @ 50/50

So the rail configuration here is 50/50 Which i like to call half and half. Basically it means that when cartel bodyboards made this board they wanted it to be used in many different situations. Other rail configurations either lean towards speed or control. Well with this board it’s a perfect balance of speed and control. You have 50% of the bottom rail towards the water which allows for some speed but also allows the board to grab a decent bite on the wave. These rails are perfect for whatever it is you want to do out in the waves: big airs, fast turns, or tube riding – 50/50 rails are considered to be a “jack of all trades” as far as rail configurations are concerned.


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Single Stringer

This bodyboard has a single stringer in it. This means that the D5 by cartel bodyboards is going to be stiff yet flexible. The core material also plays a large part in this stiffness, but the stringer gives the board a snappy feeling. If you’re out in the water and you have to flex the board to make a drop and avoid a nose dive or the board flexes when you’re hitting the lip of a wave the board will immediately return to its straight non-flexed position that it was originally in. Think of the stringer on this board as a spine that gives this bodyboard a fair amount of stability and durability.

Polypro Core

Like i mentioned, the core is stiff thanks to the polypropylene core. Polypro is regarded as the highest quality core material that is available for bodyboards today. It is stiff, light weight, durable, buoyant, but it still allows the board to have some flex (obviously without snapping in half). You can rest assured knowing that the internals of this bodyboard are made from a very high quality polypropylene material.


Cartel bodyboards makes an interesting array of bodyboards. They are not your typical boards and the D5 is not your typical board! It has a unique shape, with some awesome deck contours and nose grips. Its stiff and flexible thanks to it’s high quality core material and single stringer. But most importantly this board is really fast but still controllable. Overall, this board is pretty amazing – if you don’t want to go with a standard board then get creative and get this board. You’ll be happy with your purchase this board is pretty damn sweet.

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