Custom X Boards X2 42″ Bodyboard

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Prone Template Expanded Beaded Polypro TCD Filmed Deck Surlyn Bottom Double Rails @ 60/40 Bail Tail Channels Single Stringer Length: 42″ Width: 22″ Nose: 12″ Tail: 18″


Custom X Boards – Bodyboarding Review – X2 42″ Bodyboard

Similar to the X1 model, the x2 Model is actually the same price as the X1 but provides some different features than its X1 counterpart. First of all, the bodyboard in the image featured is blue and white. Another awesome color combination. A white custom x boards logo sits happily in the top center of the bodyboard. The royal blue deck has a nice deep coloration to it. Along the bottom right is the X2 series logo which also looks very nice. As far as visuals and how the board looks – i think it looks awesome. Most of the custom x boards are visually designed to look very nice. Imagine being down at the beach and stepping into the surf with a very impressive-looking bodyboard. Everything about this board says: i know what i’m doing and i love this bodyboard. We’re no semi-pro’s here!

Custom X boards shred hard, many pros ride their boards and the X2 series is absolutely no exception to what all custom x boards offer in terms of… shredability ( i might have just invented a word there). Check out some out this video of Robby Rendon proving that Custom X boards are no joke. They seriously shred.

Whats in the Custom X Boards X2 Bodyboard?

Well, let’s take a look…

  • Prone Template
  • Expanded Beaded Polypro
  • TCD Filmed Deck
  • High Grade Surlyn Slick Bottom
  • Double Rails @ 60/40
  • BAT TAIL and channels
  • Single Graphite Stringer
  • Length: 42″ Width: 22″ Nose: 12″ Tail: 18″

Okay so this board is a prone bodyboard (to be honest most are) If you are looking for something you can drop knee on or even stand up maybe you should go surfing. Nah im just kidding, if you’re looking for a drop knee board with the same custom x quality check out their drop knee board. What you’re looking at here is the prone template. If you want to do bodyboarding and pull airs, and tricks, and whatever you want to do then this is the board to do it on, that is, if it meets your spefications and ride style and what not. Check it out further down the page and keep reading to see what’s in this bad boy.

We’ve got expanded Beaded polypro on this custom x board. Expanded beaded polypro is going to be slightly different than the non-beaded variant. I’ll not that the X1 model is non-beaded. So there is your first difference between the X1 and X2. The X2 has beaded polypro. This means the polypro is completely closed cell and is more buoyant. Beaded polypro boards will typically sit higher in the water. So if you’re waiting for the sets to come in you’re technically going to be higher up on the water which might make seeing the incoming swells easier. Thats always a plus. The most important thing to take away here is that the beaded polypro is closed cell and its going to float really well.

Most of the higher quality Custom X boards come with this filmed tcd. That means a filmed tight-cell deck. So if you’ve experience older bodyboards or starter boards, they usually don’t have this type of material on the deck. A filmed TCD deck is smoother to the touch and easier on your skin. I always say that with a filmed deck you can go bodyboarding shirtless and you won’t notice any of that nasty foam rash you get with a non filmed deck. Don’t take my word for it, you should try it out yourself to see. I know some people still prefer to go in a wet suit or a rash guard but the possibility for going shirtless is there with this filed tcd deck.

The bottom of the board is made from high-grade surlyn plastic.  It’s slick and most importantly it’s going to help the board retain its shape for a long time. All of the high-end custom x boards do feature this high grade surlyn slick bottom, with the exception of the matrix series. But if you look at the prices of the matrix series boards you’ll understand why. I’ll say it like this. You are really getting what you’re paying for with a high-grade surlyn. It’s worth the investment and makes your ride on the waves better.

60/40 Custom X Bodyboard Rails

This board is pretty damn fast, heres why: You have double rails at 60/40. The rail ration is ultimately meant for speed. Having more bottom rail (60% in this case) is going to allow your board to pick up some speed. The double rails provide added strength to the custom x boards and of course that added speed which some bodyboarders really like. Think of it this way, the more speed you have dropping into a wave the quicker you can get up to the lip of the wave which might collapse if you didn’t otherwise have that speed gain. But don’t think the speed of this board just comes from the double rails.

Most of the speed of this board can be attributed to the Bat Tail on the bodyboard. Custom x boards with bat tails are really fast. Bat tails are going to sacrifice some of the control and grip you get into a wave, but you’ll pick up a bunch of speed with it. For the most part, custom x boards with bat tails are a little less forgiving than crescent tail body boards. For instance, if you drop down into a wave and make a quick bottom turn with a bat tail there is a possibility that you might turn too hard and you will be facing backwards after that turn – that’s no good at all. Where as a crescent tail board is more forgiving  – you can turn a little too hard and still be able to correct it before you’re facing backwards. With that being said, i would say that bat tails are easier to do spins on because of the lesser grip you have on the wave. Spins look sick and are really fun to pull off and a bat tail board is going to allow you to do that easier than a crescent tail bodyboard.

The board has a single graphite stringer in it which basically acts a spine or skeleton for your bodyboard. Custom X boards with stringers in them are almost always made of graphite – graphite is light weight yet still very strong. So if you’re going to be flexing your board a lot to get down on a fast wave then the graphite stringer is going to allow the board to retain its rigidity and strength after you’ve put the strain on the board to flex it. Simply put, the graphite stringer is going to add strength, stiffness, and rigidity to the board which is what you’re paying for. An awesome feature to have on high end custom x boards.

So overall this  board is pretty awesome, it’s a bit different compare the X1 model of custom x boards. The Custom X X2 42 inch bodyboard is fairly stiff, yet still has some flex and give to it so that you can maneuver the board the way you want to. The board is faster due to its bat tail and double rails at 60/40. And don’t forget that the board looks pretty awesome too.

So what’s the verdict?

I like this board a lot. I think i like it better than the X1 – Looks cooler and has more “advanced” features that are perfect for more advanced bodyboarders. Check out the custom x boards X2 42 inch bodyboard.

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