BZ Big Bruddah Bodyboard Review

The BZ Big Bruddah is the only 45-inch bodyboard that offers dual Variable Flex Stringers (VFS) and an all new nose grip lip. If you are an NBA star or want a bodyboard that can float you like a long board, then you need to get on track with the Big Bruddah–simply the most technical big guy board on the market today. The BZ patented VFS (variable flex) stringer provides good flexibility and a snappy return. (A stringer is a stabilizing strip of hardened material running down the center of the board.)

The Zero-G PP is BZ’s exclusively blended version of a polypropylene core. Unrivaled in cell memory, water resistance and durability, the steroid strength and light weight of this material is fundamental to high performance.

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bz big bruddah

BZ Big Bruddah

This board is so bad-ass. If you’re a bigger guy and you like to get out in the waves and bodyboard then this is the bodyboard to get. Its a big-ass board. Most of the boards today are made for smaller or averaged size riders – but this bodyboard is perfect for big guys. Its 45 inches long and its guaranteed to help keep you afloat.

Visually, the board looks awesome. The board featured here has a white deck with yellow rails. The BZ bodyboards logo is at the top of the deck towards the nose. When you put your plug through the board its up to you where you want to put it. I would probably adjust the leash to the left of the BZ logo – but that’s just me! Along the bottom right side of the board is dah BZ Big Bruddah branding.


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The BZ Big Bruddah bodyboard is made by BZ bodyboards. BZ is a very well known and might be the most popular or well-known brand for beginner boards and some high end boards. BZ, Morey, and Churchill fins are actually all owned by the same company. Of course they are still serious about bodyboarding Check out the Morey/BZ/Churchill’s ride team out in the water.

BZ Big Bruddah Features

  • Designed for Bigger guys – Will float you like a long board
  • 45 inch length and 23 inch width
  • VFS Stringer
  • Polypropylene Core
  • Surlyn Slick Bottom


Designed for Bigger Riders

Like i mentioned earlier: the BZ big bruddah is perfect for bigger guys that want to get out there and bodyboard. If you find that most smaller or averaged size boards dont keep you afloat very well, then this board will do the trick. This board will float you like a long board will – it’s pretty awesome. When you paddle out to the line up you’ll be able to sit up on this board and you’ll actually be sitting pretty much on top of the water. This gives you a better view of the sets rolling in and will help you better prepare for the oncoming waves. This also helps the rider glide easier over the water when catching a wave.


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VFS Stringer

The variable flex system stringer – this is included in the bz big bruddah board. This stringer system is exclusive to BZ bodyboards – you won’t find this in any other board. Basically the stringer system on the bz big bruddah allows the front of the board or the nose to flex up while the remaining part of the board stays nice and stiff. This stringer technology allows the rider to pull up the nose of the bodyboard and drop in on some huge waves.

BZ Big Bruddah VFS Strigner


Polypropylene Core

The BZ Big Bruddah is made form a durable foam known as polypro. These Polypro cores are widely regarded to the best available material for bodyboard cores on the market today. Polypropylene is unmatched in it’s strength, durability, cell-memory and water resistance. The specific type of polypro used in the bz big bruddah is a type of PP (polypropylene) called Zero-G PP. Zero-G PP is BZ’s exclusive blend of polypro core materials. What you really need to know about the core is that it is made to float you very very well. It is also meant to be durable and water resistant. The core is nice and stiff and this extra stiffness allows the rider to keep speed on the waves.

Surlyn Slick Bottom

The bottom slick on the bz big bruddah is made form a high grade surlyn plastic. DuPont’s surlyn plastic material is the slick material used on pretty much every high quality bodyboard on the market today. If you don’t believe me read some of the other bodyboard reviews we have on this website – every board that is $160+ features this surlyn plastic material. Surlyn allows for the most flexibility the board can offer while stay maintaining its stiffness qualities offered by the Zero-G PP core. The BZ big bruddah is also very fast thanks to the surlyn slick bottom.

Nose Grips

At the top of the board on the nose are slight indents and channels that give the rider something really sturdy to hold on to. If you’re out in the water and dropping in on bigger waves then the nose grips are going to allow the rider to stay on the board much easier than a board without nose grips.


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Bat Tail

The tail on the BZ big bruddah is a bat tail. A bat tail gives the board a lot of speed. Typically with a bat tail board you will find that the board may bit a tad bit harder to control over extremely technical sections of the wave, but you’re going to be going so fast that it won’t matter. Essentially the bat tail on the bz big bruddah gives up control for a greater amount of speed.



If you’re a bigger guy and you like bodyboarding why don’t you have this board yet? You’re missing out – the BZ big Bruddah was designed for bigger riders to have the same control, speed, and maneuverability that a smaller board and smaller rider has. The core material and VFS stringer system will allow the rider to keep the board rigid and stiff, but will allow the nose of the board to flex up under stress. The stringer also helps the board recoil after any flex that may happen. This is perfect for high speed turns and big aerial moves. The surlyn slick bottom will allow the board to glide through the water with ease as well as keep the board durable and strong for years to come. The bat tail on the bz big bruddah gives the rider a lot of speed – but sacrifices a little bit of control that a bat-tail board might offer.

What’s the verdict?

This board is really cool – I would highly recommend it to anyone that is a bigger rider (180+ pounds)

Check out this board!