Custom X PMA BT 42.5″ Bodyboard

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Custom X PMA BT Bodyboard Features: – Bat tail – High Density Polypropylene Core – Filmed TCD Deck (Tight Cell Deck) – High Grade Surlyn Slick Bottom – 55/45 Double Rails – Contoured Deck and Slick Grips – Performance Designed Channels – Double Graphite Stringers Dimensions: 40.50 x 20.50 x 11.50 x 17.50 41.75 x 21.5/8 x 11.7/8 x 18


Another awesome quality Custom X Bodyboard here. The Custom X PMA BT. Awesome stuff. Lets get into the details of this bodyboard.

Looks pretty awesome i would say – i’m a huge fan of black bodyboards i think they look sleek as hell. The white Custom X logo tops it off right in the center of the board. Would look awesome with a bodyboarding plug going right through it. It’s almost like your leash is coming right out of the custom x logo – which is probably what they intended upon. But nonetheless, the bodyboard looks pretty sweet. The white custom x logo sits comfortably at the top contrasted to the black foam deck. on the elbow pads you have some text that read “custom x” along the left and right elbow pads. Looks awesome!

The internal deck channels would provide you with a nice surface to stick your belly and chest on, along with the elbow pads. Along the top of the nose it does look like you’ll have a good opportunity to get a good grip on either side of the nose.

well let’s get right into it.

Custom X PMA BT Features

  • beaded polypro
  • Filmed TCD Deck (Tight Cell Deck)
  • High Grade Surlyn Slick Bottom
  • Prone template
  • Double rails @ 55/45
  • contoured deck and slick grips
  • Bat tail with performance designed channels
  • Double Graphite Stringers
  • 41.75 x 21.5/8 x 11 7/8 x 18

Typically with a beaded polypro core you’re going to get less buoyancy than other core materials, but that doesn’t mean this material is bad at all. In fact, its got quite a few advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of a beaded polypro core. Polypro cores are cell-structured which of course means that the core is water resistant, durable, and offers a whole ton of stiffness. My haunch is that a beaded core was chosen for the Custom X PMA because of its stiffness qualities. This board is a stiffie… haha. No, but really this board is very stiff thanks to its core and also its graphite stringers.

Double Graphite stringers. Ah yes, anther stringer board – i love stringers personally, they make your board less flexible to some extent – which is great depending on what you’re doing! If you’re looking for speed, than i would argue that the stiffness is what you’re looking for. Double Graphite stringers sounds pretty impressive. Graphite is pretty lightweight – so this is a pretty lightweight board which is good and bad – you’re not going to get huge amounts of speed, but you are going to get speed from other specifications from the board.

For instance, the speed of the board is going to come from the Bat tail with performance designed channels. Basically the board has a bat tail which essentially means you’re going to have less control over what the boards doing on the wave, but you’re sacrificing that control for speed. The added performance designed channels are awesome, you actually will get a pit more control back with the channels, but you’re going to be gaining more speed from the channels are actually doing.

55/45 Rails

You have double rails at 55/45. The 55/45 rails are going to give you, of course, more speed. Most of the pros today are using 55/45 rails on their boards – you get less control and more speed than most other rail configuration ratios.

This bodyboard is really entirely for prone bodyboarding – it’s not a drop knee board. This custom x bodyboard is really meant for prone riding. Its quick, durable, but not that controllable or buoyant. It’s not going to get you up on top of the water – if you’re a bigger guy then you won’t get as much flotation as you would from other boards.

What’s the verdict?

The Custom X Pma bodyboard is perfect for fast and speedy bodyboarding. By this I mean if you’re looking to get more speed out of you’re board then the custom x pma is a great choice. Keep in mind that you do sacrifice some of the control of the board due to its bat tail and 55/45 rails for speed. The board isn’t necessarily a dart in the water, it is lighter weight but you’ll still pick up quite a bit of speed with it.

It’s a prone light-weight board that sacrifices control for speed. Shred it up on the Custom X PMA.

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