No 6 Bodyboards Covenant V2 Elite

“We pushed our development team to the limit. The new Covenant V2 features an ultra-refined template and new compression celled diamond elbow bracers. Under the elbow we have placed a lower density impact pad for heavy landing and better grip when engaging turns and landings. The Covenant can handle it all…ramps and wedges to down the line speed hauls. For flat sections speed runs…we have included a 3x triple concave bottom channel for more lift and speed. The concave creates an air pocket that lifts riders through flat spots enabling better transitions into launching ramps ! We spec No.6 decks down to the mm. This enables us to be ever so precise with subtleties of the deck efx as not to interfere with the comforts of riding. Features new Vaporcel XLPE skin for more flex and cushion. LENGTH : 43.5L x 13″ Nose x 22″ Width x 19″ Tail : N-W : 20.5″ 2.1 PP Core w/ 1x stringer BLUNTED NOSE w/ nose grips Triple 3x Concave Channel Bottom Vaporcel 6pcf IXLPE SLANTED CHANNELS WING TAIL BOTTOM : 0.8mm SURLYN® SKIN 4mm RAILS : CENTRIPETAL LAMINATION 54mm thickness”


No 6 Bodyboards

no 6 bodyboards covenant v2 elite

No 6 bodyboards are ultimate competition quality boards. The covenant v2 elite bodyboard is no exception to this line up. No 6 bodyboards packed some really impressive features into this board.

The Deck is a nice solid black color which looks amazing with the No 6 bodyboards logo up at the top towards the nose of the bodyboard. Black on white is a great color combo. Its sleek, and minimal yet still classy. This bodyboard looks amazing. The deck features some different contours including padded areas for your elbows to rest. The contours at the center of the deck fit perfect to the shape of your body for prone bodyboarding. What an awesome board. They don’t call it the Covenant v2 elite for nothing!

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Some pretty serious shredding has been done no 6 bodyboards. Just check out this video of some pro bodyboarding done on some pro bodyboards by no 6 bodyboards!

This board has some pretty impressive feautres – Let’s take a look

  • Premium Polypro Core
  • Blunted Nose w/ Subtle Nose Grips
  • Wing Tail w/ Slanted Channels
  • Vaporcel XPLE Deck & Rails
  • Single Epoxy Set Stringer
  • 3x Hull Concave bottom
  • Compression celled pads

No 6 bodyboards has really outdone themselves with this board. The board is fairly stiff thanks to some of its key features.

Premium Polypro Core

The core on most no 6 bodyboards is made of a high quality polypro foam which is stiff yet light weight. The board has a very stiff feeling with a fair amount of recoil to it. Its able to flex yet stay stiff thanks to its stringers. However, beaded polypro (which is used in this board) is of the highest quality materials on the market for bodyboards. I will point out that the price tag on this no 6 bodyboard does reflect that quite well. However, this board is a monster. Beaded polypro floats very well, it is durable, light weight and stiff – all of these features are something that you would want in a higher quality bodyboard. Great stuff here.

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Blunted Nose With Subtle Nose Grips

No 6 bodyboards made this board with a blunted nose. Basically this just means that the bodyboard isn’t pointed or sharp at the front. The nose of the board is very “blunt” so its flat and not rounded its just a straight line where the rails meet the nose. A nice added feature that no 6 bodyboards threw in for us are these “subtle nose grips” which help you stay put on your bodyboard. You really have something to hold on to when you’re riding on these no 6 bodyboards. The nose grips allow the rider to have more grip on the board. This is useful especially during higher speed turns, airs, or anything that would require the bodyboarder to have an enhanced grip on the board. They don’t call it elite for nothing!



Wing Tail With Slanted Channels

This board comes with a wing tail which is more commonly known as a bat tail. Bat tails were made popular (and invented) by Mike Stewart who is an absolute pro bodyboarder. The wing-tail design on these no 6 bodyboards allows the board and rider to pick up more speed. In general, when you go with a bat tail board you’re going to sacrifice some of the control the board offers for speed which the board is very good it. The bat tail gives the board a “looser” feeling out on the waves which sacrifices some of the grip and control you have on the wail. Not to worry, no 6 bodyboards was thinking of the riders when they put this board out on the market. With the control you sacrificed due to the wing tail design you ultimately gain back with the tri-slanted channels.

These channels are unique to no 6 bodyboards. Three slanted channels help the board maintain grip where the bat tail gives that up. You will still have some bite into the face of the wave with the channels, but you’ll be able to dart along the water super fast. This bodyboard is sick – I think i’m going to make this my main board. Check out this information on the tri slanted channels that comes with no 6 bodyboards.

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Vaporcel XPLE Deck and Rails

The deck and rails on this bodyboard is made from no 6 bodyboards vaporcel xple materials. It gives the board a soft and cushiony feeling while helping the board remain stiff and flexible. The rails are made from the same material as the deck. The deck is very soft – if you’re doing huge airs on this board then you’re gong to want some cushion for you’re landing and on these no 6 bodyboards that is exactly what you’re going to get.

Single Epoxy Set Stringer

What is an “epoxy set stringer” you ask? Well its basically a stringer that has been set in the bodyboard using a very high quality epoxy material to help the stringer really stay in place. This adds stiffness to the board while helping the board recoil to its original position after any sort of flexing does take place. Typically the more stringers you have the stiffer the board is going to be. I don’t think this board would be all that great with multiple stringers. I think that one stringer is perfect for what this board is trying to accomplish. The stringer gives the board durability as well as stiffness.

Compression Celled Pads

no 6 bodyboards compression pads

Take a look at the top of the board here, you’ll find these diamond-like padding structures on the deck. These are for your elbows. If you’ve ever been out riding in some big surf you know that you get tossed around quite a bit. It’s also not uncommon to come out the water with scrapes on your elbows from the impact or sliding your elbows do on the board. No 6 bodyboards has once again kept the rider in mind. These elbow pads offer the rider a great solution to bruised and cut up elbows: this cushioned compression celled pads technology. Allow your elbows to stay put and remain unscathed!

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So what’s the verdict on this board by no 6 bodyboards?

This board is prefect for any competition riding. It’s a very high end board with some really impressive features. However, the price tag does reflect the quality of the board – which is high. The board is perfect for riders who prefer a stiff board with a bit of flex and recoil. This bodyboard is fast thanks to its wing-tail design. You also gain speed and control with the triple concave channels this bodyboard has. The compression celled elbow pads offer a nice place to put your elbows while riding. The elbows pads along with the subtle nose grips allow the rider to have a better grip on the board for large aerial moves or other high intensity maneuvers that demand this sort of grip on the board. This is a pro-level bodyboard.

Check this board out!