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Bodyboarding is a website dedicated to bodyboarding. We review all major brand-name bodyboards to help bodyboarding riders find what they want in their boards. We want to help riders of all ages and skill levels decide on what kind of board to get. We like to describe what features are in a bodyboard usually specified by the  manufacturers. We take all of these features and break them down and describe what kind of riding can be done with the features that  a certain bodyboard has.

Bodyboarding to a large extent is different than belly boarding or just riding a board on a wave laying down. It involves paddling out to a wave on a bodyboard, catching that wave and then either taking that wave in the direction it is breaking. It’s all about catching the wave and having  a blast while riding in the barrel of the wave or pulling huge aerial tricks that will impress people. Of course in order to pull of these types of tricks all bodyboarding riders are going to need a good bodyboard to do that on.

Not all bodyboards are created equal. Some bodyboards are designed for small waves, big waves, some are designed for free styling bodyboarding, and some are designed for drop knee bodyboarding. If you want to know what kind of bodyboard is best for the style of riding you wish to accomplish then you should check out our bodyboard reviews. We explain what each feature in a certain bodyboard is good for and how those features can affect your bodyboarding.

Here is a perfect example of what bodyboarding is:

These are some pretty extreme moves, but nonetheless, bodyboarding is for anybody who wants to have fun out in the waves.

There are many good resources out on the internet for bodyboarders. If you’re a beginner and just looking to get into the sport check out some of the awesome tutorial videos on how to bodyboard by Xtremebodyboard on their youtube channel.

How to bodyboard – choosing a board – There’s so much more to it than you thought!

This covers everything from stringers, to flex, to rails, to whatever!

The first thing you need to learn about bodyboarding is simply how to catch a wave and bodyboard on that wave.

Largely, bodyboarding is easy – it’s as complicated as you want to make it. If you want to to do bodyboarding to impress others then you’ll want to do some bodyboarding tricks.

Check out some of these awesome resources for bodyboarding:

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We here at hope you have a great day and go out and do some bodyboarding!