Empire Bodyboards Josh Garner Bodyboard

Empire Josh Garner LTD now with Mesh. Australia’s hottest young talent, Josh Garner is the future of the sport and has landed multiple magazine covers. He fly’s high and pulls in big.


empire bodyboards

Empire Bodyboards

This is a pretty sick board. Empire bodyboards and Josh Garner came together to make this awesome board.

Empire bodyboards makes awesome quality stuff. This board comes in 5 different colors, burgundy, white, blue, orange, and black – all with empire bodyboards log at the top in contrast to it’s color. Awesome stuff.

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Here’s josh garner at the wedge ripping up some waves.

Empire Bodyboards Features

  • Polypropylene Core
  • Nose Grips
  • Crescent Tail
  • Mesh Foam

Polypro Core

Polypropylene is considered the top of the line materials for cores in bodyboards. Empire bodyboards and Josh Garner designed this  board to be stiff but flexible. As you notice this bodyboard does not have stringers in it. This is where you get the flexibility from. A stiff core and no stringers is a combination for a flexible board but not too sluggish or slow. Polypropylene is going to allow the board to float very well in the water. It is durable, light weight, and stiff.

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Nose Grips

Empire bodyboards has added nose grips to this board to allow for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. At the nose you can see there are indentations in the board fit for you hand. They are not necessarily full on nose bulbfs, but empire bodyboards has acknowledged the fact that this is where your hands go on a bodyboard and have added these small channels for your hands to sit comfortably with a strong grip on the board. This is perfect for those days with big pounding surf and you need that extra hold on the board.

Crescent Tail

A lot of these empire bodyboards have crescent tails on them. The tail design is ultimately up to the rider and their personal preference. Regardless of preference this board is going to have a nice bite or grip into the wave. It is not a full crescent tail, but a clipped crescent tail which allows for grip. This grip comes at the cost of speed. A bat tail bodyboard offers the rider more speed, where as a crescent tail allows the rider to push the tail of the bodyboard further into the wave and therefore creating a strong holding ‘sticky’ grip on the surface of the wave.

Mesh Foam Material

Empire bodyboards likes to add this mesh foam material to their boards. It is featured in many high quality and high end pro level bodyboards and the Josh Garner LTD PP bodyboard by empire bodyboards is no exception to this rule. The Mesh material helps the core stay stiff and offers certain meshes also add weight to the board which can help with speed.

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Contoured Deck

The deck also has these nice contoured channels on them. They offer the rider more comfort when riding on the board. They also increase grip and add a nice visual look to the board. The visual it creates is that this is indeed a pro-level board. Its a professional level bodyboard by empire bodyboards for serious bodyboarders.


Empire bodyboards and Josh Garner have teamed up to put the josh garner riding style into action: big airs and huge pulls! This board is stiff with recoil and speed. The crescent tail offers the rider a fair amount of control and the mesh foam offers the rider some speed. Overall i would say this is a balanced board with awesome features. Any bodyboarder looking for a board to pull off big airs or practice aerial maneuvers should be on this board. Empire bodyboards all the way!

Check this board out!