Custom X Bodyboards Jacob VanderVelde BT 42.50″ Bodyboard

Custom X Jacob VanderVelde Bat Tail Bodyboard Long time Custom X team rider Jacob VanderVelde has finally designed his own Signature Model! “Riding some the heaviest waves in Hawaii, I wanted to design a board that can handle the waves in Hawaii as well as any wave on the planet. This shape is perfect for any rider and the core and stringer system is insane!” Designed for the future of bodyboarding – JMV Polypro core High Grade Surlyn bottom Triple Stringers Cross Link Contour Deck Nose grips Bat tail 42.50″ x 12.30″ x 21.75″ x 18.25″


Custom X Bodyboards Jacob VanderVelde BT 42.50″ Bodyboard

Custom X Bodyboards JMV

Jacob VanderVelde is a pro at what he does. He’s got such a smooth style of bodyboarding and you can tell he has a blast when hes out bodyboarding. Check out this video of Jacob VanderVelde dropping into a quick barrel on his custom x bodyboards.

Board Features

  • Contoured Deck Model Designed by Jacob VanderVelde
  • 42.50″ x 12.30″ x 21.75″ x 18.25″
  • Polypro Core
  • Triple Stringer System
  • Custom Contoured Deck
  • Bat Tail
  • Channels

This board packs an impressive bundle of features. Custom X designed this board for Jacob VenderVelde himself. Jacob is an allstar bodyboarder with multiple accolades to his name. He shreds it up… and down (and in the air). And he does so with this specific design that custm x bodyboards designed for him.

The board packs a punch for ripping up the waves whether it be big or small. The light blue deck features a light weight closed cell phone which is lighter weight than a polyethylene type foam. This gives the board much more flex and recoil than standard boards. It might not keep you afloat that as well as a traditional type of foam, but this thing is quick and agile.

When Custom X bodyboards designed this board they thought of the rider. Two symmetrical channels run down the upper sides of the deck. This increases grip for you and features a nice array of elbow pads on either side of the board. So what this means for the rider is that you’ll essentially have an easier time holding on to the board. This is a pro bodyboard and custom x bodyboards has taken into account that if you’re bouncing around on some choppy waves you’re going to need something to hold on to. Thus, they give you elbow pads on the left and right. Obviously it depends on which way the wave is breaking depending on where you’re going to be holding on to.

Custm X Bodyboards and Jacob VanderVelde designed this board with a bat tail. The Bat tail on this board is going to allow you to pick up more speed when you’re dropping into a wave and catching wave. While a bat tail is going to give a looser feeling to the ride of your board, you’re going to be moving faster on the wave – its not necessarily a bad thing to sacrifice speed for maneuverability. Compared to a crescent tail bodyboard – you’re going to get less speed and more maneuverability and ‘grip’ on the wave. So if you’re looking for a board that’s going to allow you to really get up high and tight in a barrel or something that just hugs the wave very well – you might consider looking for a board with a crescent tail. None the less, this board (with the bat tail) is fast and still provides a great deal of maneuverability – just not as much as a crescent tail would provide.

The bottom of the board is made of a high performance surlyn finish. This surlyn gives you a slick and fast speed on any wave. In fact, all custom x bodyboards are made of this model – with the exception of the matrix series – which is not made of this same high performance surlyn. The surlyn on these high quality bodyboards is actually laminated int the foam all the way around the bottom of the board. This is going to provide your board with hopefully a longer life.

The Custom X bodyboards Jacob VanderVelde BT bodyboard comes packed in with a total of three graphite stringers. This is going to add stiffness and stability to your board. which will ultimately give the board less flex and bend during complex and technical bodyboarding maneuvers.

Surrounding the  three graphite stringers is a high performance polypro core – which again just adds some general stiffness to the board which allows the rider to feel that the board isn’t going to be flexing or bending during any sort of technical tricks or riding maneuvers.

What does it come down to? This board is pretty awesome. Custom X bodyboards makes great quality boards. In general we would say that it’s a pretty stiff bodyboard, that’s not going to flex a whole lot when you’re riding it. Flotation wise – it won’t get you up on top of the water but it’s definitely going to keep you afloat. As far as speed is concerned – this is a fast board for fast waves. If you like to ride fast with a little less grip on the wave – then the bat tail on this custom x bodyboard will allow for that .

The verdict? awesome board – stiff – fast – and great for airs.

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