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“Trash is epic. Super Tight in the pocket, it drives out of the bowl so fast. The board is rad” -Corey Daglish Trash is a sick template built to rip. co-designed by the Toys Rats crue. Features: ? Polypropylene (PP) Core ? Surlyn Slick ? Nose bulbs ? Single Stringer ? Channels ? Crescent Tail


toys bodyboards

Toys Bodyboards

The Toys Trash bodyboard is made by toys bodyboards. Toys makes some pretty sick stuff – the Trash bodyboard (despite it’s name) is in fact not trash. This board shreds pretty hard and is an awesome board for anyone looking to do some advanced bodyboarding.

The board featured here is orange. It’s a bright bursting orange that, in my opinion looks really awesome. The toys bodyboards logo is black and at the top of the board near the nose. The toys bodyboards logo is a bit different. Its got a vertical layout which I really like. The slick on this bodyboard is also orange and the rails are too. This bodyboard is a burst of color and it looks bad-ass.


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Toys bodyboards has a few big names riding on their boards. Check out this video of some awesome riding done on their boards. Sick video – I’ve never seen that angle before it’s really cool.

Toys Bodyboards Features

  • Polypropylene  Core
  • Surlyn Plastic Slick
  • Nose Bulbs
  • Single Stringer
  • Clipped Crescent Tail

Polypro Core

The core on this bodyboard is made from a high grade polypropylene which is the top of the line core materials available today. Polypro is light weight, durable, and helps the rider float in the water. For the most part PP cores are pretty stiff, but they are also flexible when it comes down it.

Surlyn Slick

The bottom of this board is made from a high quality surlyn plastic by DuPont. Surlyn is the best of the best materials available for bodyboarding today. Surlyn is slick, fast, and durable. The rider will feel that the board really wants to dart out in the water. Surlyn creates less drag on the water which enables the rider to go faster out in the water. More speed means bigger airs and harder turns. Surlyn is also very durable and toys bodyboards are made to last a long time. With the price tag on this thing, you’ll definitely want it to last! The slick also gives the board a rigid feel which is nice to know that the board isn’t going to be too flexible.

Nose Bulbs

Nose bulbs give the rider a better grip on the board. At the top of the nose there are concave bulbs coming out of the deck for the rider to wrap their hands around. This is perfect for days when the waves are smacking really hard and are really big. You need to be able to hold on to the board in order to stick a huge landing or pull off high speed maneuvers. Nose bulbs are a really nice feature – especially if you’ve never experience what it’s like to ride on a board without nose bulbs.

Single Stringer

Toys bodyboards made this board with a single stringer. I’m not sure of the material used for the stringer but i would assume it is pretty light weight. The stringer gives the board a nice recoil feeling to any flex that happens. If you’re dropping down on a huge wave and the board flexes at the bottom – no problem – the board is going to recoil back into its rigid position. This board is meant to be used in big surf and it works really well. The stringer also gives the board some stiffness and rigidity which is nice.

Crescent Tail

The Toys Trash bodyboard comes with a clipped crescent tail. A crescent tail gives the rider better control of how the board is making contact with the water. Basically the board has a “stickier” grip on the water which allows the rider to perform high speed turns and retain better control over what the board is actually doing on the water. Featured in many toys bodyboards, this crescent tail design sacrifices some speed for a great amount of control.


The toys trash bodyboard by toys bodyboards is the perfect board for someone looking for a professional level bodyboard. It’s perfect for prone bodyboarding and catching big waves. The board is stiff and flexible thanks to its PP core and single stringer. The Crescent tail and nose bulbs offer a lot of control over the board and the surlyn slick allows for a lot of speed. This board is epic and it shreds like nothing else. Toys bodyboards has outdone themselves with this board – REALLY awesome bodyboard.

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