Custom X Bodyboarding Ewan 42″ Bodyboard

Ewan has designed this board to ride small waves with he same technical precision as the heavy surf he tackles in his travels worldwide. Polypro Double Stringers Nose & Tail Bumpers Tail Piece Bottom Grips


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Custom X Bodyboarding Ewan 42″ Smaller Wave bodyboard

Ewan Donnachie is a very impressive bodyboarder. Known for his flowing style of boarding. Ewan is capable of pulling off huge airs with passion. If you want to find out more about Ewan, consider checking out his youtube channel by clicking here. Ewan came with a great concept for smaller-wave riding. He wanted to get the same technical precision out of his bodyboard that you would get out of a big-wave board. And that’s exactly what he did. he had custom x bodyboarding create a perfect small-wave-riding machine: The Custom X Ewan.

This bodyboard is really meant for smaller wave riding. As stated above, this board is perfect for riding smaller waves with great technical precision. Its perfect for those days when the waves are breaking very well, but the waves really aren’t that big. If you’re into bodyboarding then you would find that on certain days the waves obviously aren’t going to be that big. So the best way to get a decent ride on these shorter, yet still well-breaking waves is with a board designed for that very cause.

Custom X Bodyboarding makes great quality boards. This board was designed specifically for Ewan Donnachie to ride smaller waves but still the great technical precision that ewan rides on larger waves. This means that you might get faster speeds when dropping down into a wave. And as we all know if you’re going faster on your board then you’re going to be able to tear it up in the water even if the waves are small. That’s exactly what this board does. It makes it easy to shred out some impressive bottom turns, Air Roll Spins, i wouldn’t be surprised if you would even be able to to do a back flip on this kind of board. Regardless of what you can do on a smaller-wave break this board is perfect for those days that the waves are still smacking pretty hard but there’s not that much height to the waves.

The Custom X bodyboarding Ewan is of course a high quality bodyboard and is probably more for an experienced rider. Our honest suggestion is that if you are having problems riding or just unsatisfied with your board on smaller days at in the ocean, then check this board out. The board is slightly slimmer than most boards you’ll find but that’s exactly what you want on a day where the waves aren’t that big.

The bodyboard features a warm orange color on the top of the deck, it’s got the custom x bodyboarding logo right at the nose – which in our opinion – looks pretty awesome. Down at the right side of the board towards the right rail its got Ewan’s logo which adds a nice touch of black to the board. The rails are also black  which give the overall look of the board a sleek appearance.

Our verdict:  This is a great second board to have around if you feel like going out on smaller days. Or if your local break pretty much always has smaller swells, then the custom x bodyboarding ewan 42″ bodyboard is perfectly fine for what you want to do. Give it look and check it out. Custom x makes great quality boards and its a great board for any bodyboarder to have regardless of their skill level.

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