Nomad Bodyboards Matt Lackey Signature Bodyboard

Matt Lackey is quickly becoming a world wide bench mark in DK riding. His signature turns and progressive outlook have taken DK riding beyond such DK legends of the past and quickly is part of the new guard of riding. CORE: 1.9pcf Premium PP DECK: Cellu-Cushion® 8lb PE HULL: DuPont Surlyn® SLICK SKIN RAILS: 50/50 Chine Double Rails TAIL: Clipped Crescent ADDITIONAL FEATURES: 2 x Staggered Carbon Fiber Stringers, Tail Piece, Nose and Tail Buffers. Designed by Matt Lackey.


Nomad bodyboards matt lackey

Nomad Bodyboards

Nomad bodyboards is an Australian bodyboard company. These guys are the real deal and they have a ton of pro-model boards. This model is the Matt Lackey Signature Series. Pictured above is Matt Lackey dropping a knee on a board by Nomad bodyboards.

This board is pretty sweet it has a ton of awesome features that you would find on a board of this price. I’ll say this as far as price is concerned – it’s not a cheap board – but it’s damn good and its Matt’s Signature series board. This board comes in all different types of colors but the color contrast you find on Nomad bodyboards looks visually appealing. I love the nomad logo and its just a clean simple board with a lot of features on it. If you’re not into the huge deck contours and grips and all that other fancy stuff than stick the roots of bodyboarding and pick a simplistic board. A simplistic board that is loaded with performance!

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Nomad Bodyboards Features

  • Cellu-Cushion Deck
  • Surlyn Slick bottom
  • 50/50 Rails
  • 2 Carbon Fiber Stringers
  • Tail Piece
  • Nose and Tail buffers
  • Clipped Crescent Tail

Cellu-Cushion Deck

Nomad Bodyboards has this cellu-cushion deck technology. This cellu cushion material is made from a polyethylene foam which is soft and rigid. It also gives a fair amount of recoil to any bouncing that the rider may experience on the board. For the most part the deck has a nice cushioned feeling to it. Polyethylene has largely been the choice of many pro riders recently and I could see why its soft, cushioned, and perfect if you’re body is leaving the board and landing on it again.

Surlyn Slick Bottom

This is a no-brainer. Matt Lackey and nomad bodyboards designed this board to be used primarily for drop-knee bodyboarding but it can be used for prone bodyboarding too. The slick on this board is made from a high quality surlyn plastic material. Surlyn is of the highest quality slick materials that is available for bodyboards. Its fast, slick, and durable.

50/50 Rails

Matt Lackey claims that he likes thick rails on his boards and that is what you’re going to get. It provides a more rigid and sturdy feeling to the board. Rails at 50/50 allow the board to be fast and controllable. Perfect for drop knee bodyboarding and perfect for prone bodyboarding. This is a mix of all the things that you like on a bodyboard. High speed turns, big airs, or fast barrel riding. This board pretty much does it all.


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Carbon Fiber Stringers

Nomad bodyboards and Matt lackey designed this board to be stiff. Two stringers will give the board a lot of stiffness and a lot of recoil. The Stringers are staggered throughout the board. This means that are not necessarily parallel to each other but they are staggered in different positions around the board. This gives the board a lot of stiffness. Mainly the reason why its stiff is because this board emulates Matt Lackey’s riding style. He is known for his awesome drop-knee riding and that is largely what you’re going to get: a board made for Drop-knee bodyboarding and prone riding simultaneously.

Tail Piece

The tail piece is basically an additional layer of foam over the tail. It gives the tail a different texture and allows the rider to have more grip over the tail section of the board. In drop knee riding the tail is important and having grip on the tail is how you maneuver the board for the most part. The tail piece on this board by Nomad Bodyboards allows the rider to have more control over the bodyboard – especially when drop knee riding.

Nose and Tail Buffers

Nose and tail buffers are added foam around the nose and tail of the bodyboard. This gives the board a lot of durability and a longer lifespan. Along with the quality benefits that the buffers give these nomad bodyboards, they also give the board some added speed. More foam is more weight and more weight is more speed! It’s a nice and thick board with a lot of speed.

Clipped Crescent Tail

This board features a clipped crescent tail. Clipped crescent tails are by far the most popular style of crescent tail bodyboards. A crescent tail adds control and grip to the board. The rider is going to be able to maneuver the board much better on the wave because the tail has a very firm grip on the water. Crescent tails are perfect for drop-knee bodyboard – which this board really excels at. A crescent tail will sacrifice speed for maneuverability and control.


Nomad Bodyboards and Matt Lackey came together to make this awesome bodyboard. This board is perfect for riders that love to drop knee bodyboard and also love to do prone bodyboarding. It’s not just a dk board, it’s also great for prone bodyboarding! It’s nice and stiff thanks to its polypro core and double staggered stringers. The deck is cushioned and soft and the rails are thick and durable. The rail ratio is set at 50/50 which gives the optimal balance between control and speed. This is an awesome board – it’s really a board for anyone looking to do some serious bodyboarding – whether it be drop knee or prone: this board will do it!

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