Custom X Matrix PE 42″ Bodyboard

custom x matrix

Custom X Matrix Board Specs -Single rails @ 60/40 -Tight Cell Deck material -Crescent Tail and Channels -High Quality Polyethylene Core -High Grade 30 mil bottom material


Custom X Matrix PE 42″ Bodyboard

The Custom X Matrix series is perfect for everyday riders. The price is not outrageous and if your a newcomer to the world of high quality bodyboards then this board is perfect for you.  It’s a great starting board as well as a board that you want to ride to add some variation into your bodyboarding.

Custom X makes awesome bodyboards. Here’s a video of some bodyboarding pros tearing it up on Custom X boards – a few of which are Custom X Matrix series boards. Check it out below.

That’s some big surf going on there. This board can handle quite a lot. Like we said, if you’re a newcomer to bodyboarding and you’re really looking to improve your riding technicality then this board is a great starting point. It’s very reasonably priced and its a got a really sleek look to it. A nice deep, dark red deck with black rails and a slick bottom – you can’t go wrong this thing looks sick. The custom X logo sits happily towards the nose of the bodyboard with the matrix series logo down towards the bottom right.

Lets get into specifics.

Custom X Matrix Bodyboard features

  • High Quality Polyethylene Core
  • High Grade 30 mil bottom material
  • Prone Template
  • single rails @ 60/40
  • Tight Cell Deck Material (TCD)
  • Crescent Tail and channels

Where to start with this board.

Like we said earlier, this board isn’t over the top awesome but its still a great quality board. The custom x matrix doesn’t include any stringers running up and down the board – but its still got a high quality polyethylene core. Thats main difference you will find between a $100 board and something that’s $200+. Do the stringers make a difference? Well if you’ve been riding on something without stringers i don’t think you’ll notice it. But what you will notice is that something with stringers in the board is going to be stiffer and pretty much not bend at all. It might bend a little bit but this board will definitely have some flex to it. Needless to say – this is not a bad board the core is still very high quality – Custom X knows what they are doing.

The bottom of the board is interesting on these matrix model boards. While the boards in the top tier line-up for custom x boards mostly feature a high quality surlyn plastic on the bottom – this board, the Custom X Matrix, does not feature that. However its still got a nice slick bottom on it. I wouldn’t say you’re going to go extremely fast on this board but its not slow by any means. We would say its slower than some other boards out there. But keep in mind that speed isn’t everything in a board.

This board is obviously made for prone bodyboarding. While you still could drop a knee or two… or three or whatever you want to do with the board it will most likely still work. But the board was exclusively designed for prone bodyboarding. So if you are looking to do some drop knee boarding or messing around with standing up or whatever it is that you do out there in the waves i would say pick another board for that. Perhaps a drop knee board.

60/40 Custom X Bodyboard Rails

The Rail on the Custom X Matrix board are 60/40 which means that typically you’re going to have more control over the board when you’re riding on the wave. Traditionally, 60/40 rails will offer a more balanced and controlled ride.

Like we were saying the Custom X Matrix doesn’t have any stringers running through it – its a flexible board. Going along with the flexible theme here the Tight Cell Deck Material that is featured on my custom x bodyboards is going to allow for  a more flexible top deck material. the TCD (tight cell deck) material might be a bit slicker than you like it is recommended you still wear a rash guard or wet suit when you’re riding on this board. It’s not the kind of material you want rubbing up against your body – trust us here.

Crescent tail board! The Custom X Matrix bodyboard is indeed a crescent tail bodyboard. what this is going to do is allow you to have a very serious ‘bite’ on the wave or in other terms have a very decent amount of control of what you’re doing on the wave. Versus a bat tail or any other kind of tail a crescent tail really gives you a lot of grip into the surface of the wave. So maybe you’re doing a lot of bodyboarding near some rocks or you’re just a fan of the way crescent tail bodyboards feel. Hey- it’s up to you to decide! regardless, the custom x matrix has a ton of grip and it’s a good choice in that respect.

So whats the verdict on the Custom X Matrix? Well i can tell you that compared to other higher priced boards you’re going to be missing some features. But not many the thing you might miss is the stiffness of a strung board. This board does have some flex. Other than that this board is awesome if you’re looking for a replacement board or just getting started into serious bodyboarding. The board offers some very serious control with its crescent tail and traditional 60/40 rails.

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