NMD Bodyboards Jase Finlay PP Bodyboard

Jase Finlay hailing from the South Coast of Australia is the latest addition to the NMD super team. Jase was your 2011 Fronton Pro Champion and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. His new range complements his own unique style and go big attitude.

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nmd bodyboards jase finlay

NMD Bodyboards Jase Finlay PP Bodyboard Review

Jase Finlay is a professional bodyboarder who is sponsored by NMD bodyboards. NMD bodyboards makes high end bodyboarders for pro’s and competition level riders. However, just because this board is ridden by the bodyboarding elite doesn’t mean that you have to be out riding in competitions to use this board. It’s a great quality board with many awesome features that a board with this kind of price tag should have.

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Checkout Jason Finlay at the 2012 NMD/VS Fronton pro. He’s tearing up the waves on NMD bodyboards – really sick stuff. That’s impossible at 3:05 he slips off his board, continues to body surf then gets back on the board – what the hell? This guy is amazing.

Firs of all, the board pictured here is Jase Finlay’s model of bodyboard by NMD bodyboards. The deck is an off orange color, personally im not that big of a fan of this orange color – but to each their own. I do like the contrast that the black NMD logo has on top of the board with the orange deck. I would probablly get a different color board – personally, but that’s just me. But no big deal, let’s take a look at how it performs.

 NMD Bodyboards Features

  • Bull Grips
  • Nose and Tail Buffers
  • 55/45 Double Rails
  • Crescent Tail
  • Polypro Core

Bull Grips

NMD Bodyboards made this board with bull grips. Basically it means that at the nose of the board and a little ways down the rails you have a lip that you can hold on to. It’s essentially a nose grip – but with a fancy name – you know how all the manufactures love to market their stuff. No problem with that, but its essentially just grips on the board that allow the rider to get a better grip on the nose and the rails of the board. This is useful if you’re out in some really tough surf and you’re finding it difficult to hang on to the board. If you need that extra grip on the board than i would highly consider this board as a possibility of something to get.

Nose and Tail Buffers

Nose and tail buffers don’t necessarily add any performance enhancing to the board – except maybe some more weight for speed. It depends on how you look at it. Nose and Tail buffers are basically exactly what they sound like buffers of foam around the nose and tail. Its essentially double padded around the nose and tail for the board to last longer. NMD bodyboards designed this board to be very durable and very strong. And that is exactly what are you getting with the nmd bodyboards Jase Finlay Bodyboard. If you want that extra padding of foam to help the board last longer than i believe it’s a good idea for you to get a board with the buffers on them.

55/45 Double Rails

NMD Bodyboards 55/45 Rails

Most professional bodyboarders today are riding on 55/45 rail ratios. of course, not all of the pros are riding on 55/45 rails but this rail ratio has become very popular due to its performance enhancing qualities. Basically the ratio is that 55% of the bottom rail is going to be on the bottom of the board. With 55% of the bottom rail nearest the water it allows for the board to go faster. Largely 55/45 rails are chosen for their functionality and speed properties – this is why they are used by most of the professionals today.

Along with the speed that a 55/45 rail ratio offers you also have an added layer of foam the rails. Thus you get the double rail configuration. So instead of just one layer of foam running down the rails of the nmd bodyboards you get an extra layer of foam as well. This second layer of foam gives the board strength, durability, and additional speed.

Crescent Tail

NMD Bodyboards Clipped Crescent Tail

There are many different tail configurations used on bodyboards. Nmd bodyboards made this board with a  clipped crescent tail. Clipped crescent tails are different than that of a full crescent tail which are usually found on dropknee bodyboards. A clipped crescent tail allows the rider to get more grip on the wave. the bottom of the board is easily pushed into the wave which allows the board to get a better grip on the surface of the wave allowing for ultimate control over how the board performs. If you’re a demanding rider and you prefer a controllable board then the NMD bodyboards Jase Finlay bodyboard is for you.

PolyPro Core

This board has stiffness qualities that are just right. It has a nice stiff polypro core which is a durable, floatable, and stiff type of foam. Polypro is usually found in high quality NMD bodyboards as well as other high end bodyboards on the market. Poylpro is regarded as the best of the best for core materials for bodyboards today. The board is stiff with some flexibility. There are no stringers featured in this board and therefore you have a stiff, yet flexible board.


Whats the verdict here? NMD bodyboards and Jase Finlay have come up with a pretty awesome bodyboard here. Its stiff and flexible thanks to its polypro core. It has added speed thanks to its double rails at a 55/45 configuration. The board is controllable on the waves thanks to it’s crescent tail. You can rest assured that this is a very durable board due to its nose and tail buffers. And most importantly you can be sure that you’ll be bale to get a very strong grip on the board when you’re out riding attributed to the bull grips on the deck. This is an awesome board packed full of features.

Check this board out!