LMNOP Bodyboards – Rebel Bodyboard

NOTE – this board model has a pre-shaped nose to tail and rail to rail rocker of 1-2 inches High performance versatile template, along with a crescent tail that keeps you tight and fast in the power zone. We’ve doubled up the rails, to insure greater strength and flex. We’ve developed a channel system that holds you on edge. And to top it all off, we’ve incorporated a fiberglass stringer, making sure that this board will stand the test of time. Also in 44″ for the BIGGER guys! Dimensions and Specs: Length: 44″ Nose: 13.5″ Width: 23″ Nose to wide point: 21″ Tail: 21″ Core: Dow Deck: IXL Crosslink Slick: HDPE Features: Double Rails, Fiberglass Stringer, Graduated Channel System


lmnop bodyboards

LMNOP Bodyboards

The LMNOP bodyboards Rebel bodyboard is a perfect board for someone who doesn’t know if they are extremely serious about bodyboarding but still wants a decent quality board. LMNOP bodyboards makes high quality bodyboards. LMNOP is form Hawaii and are big players int he bodyboarding industry.

The LMNOP Bodyboards Rebel bodyboard featured here does have a pre-shaped nose and tail so that is nothing custom – but you get what you pay for. Like i said this is a good board for someone who isn’t extremely serious about getting a really high quality board, but wants something with good quality. It’s not hand-shaped or anything like that it is a pre-shaped form. Thus you get this sort of squarish look – but hey it might not look extremely cool but it performs very well.


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The deck is a nice off-blue color with the white LMNOP bodyboards “e” logo at the top. Along the bottom right of the bodyboard near the tail is the Rebel branding. The color contrast looks good but the shape doesn’t look all that cool. – But that’s just my opinion.

LMNOP bodyboards has a great ride team. Check out this video of some riding done on LMNOP bodyboards.

LMNOP Bodyboards Features

  • Rail-to-Rail Rocker
  • Crescent Tail
  • Double Rails
  • Channels
  • Fiberglass Stringer

Rail-to-Rail Rocker

This board does have a fairly unique feature. It his this rail-to-rail rocker – basically the rocker of the board helps fit the shape of the wave. Instead of being a completely flat surface the bottom of the board or the whole board really is shaped to fit the wave. This prevents nose dives and helps the rider maintain control on the wave.


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Crescent Tail

This board features a clipped crescent tail. LMNOP bodyboards selected this bodyboard tail to give the rider maximum control over the board. A Crescent tail bodyboard will help keep you “tight and fast” in the power zone of the wave – basically a crescent tail gives the tail of the board a better grip on the water. It has been described as a “sticky” sort of grip on the wave – it gives the board really a lot of control. This is perfect if you’re going to be riding on waves that require a lot of technical riding.

Double Rails

The rails on the LMNOP bodyboards Rebel bodyboard are thick. Double rails feature an added layer of foam on the rails to help keep the board strong and durable. This double layer of padding also gives the board an additional boost of speed. More rigidity and weight on the board will typically make the board travel faster down the wave.


The Elemenohpee Rebel bodyboard includes channels on the bottom side of the board. The channels enhance grip, control, and speed on the wave. They accomplish this performance enhancement by channeling out water underneath the board near the tail. The water channels out in such a way that the rider can grip the water better and travel faster.


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Fiberglass Stringer

for being a moderately priced board – you usually don’t see stringers in these boards. LMNOP bodyboards felt like they wanted to add a nice light-weight fiberglass stringer to the board. A stringer will add some recoil and snap to the board. Basically if you put the board in any situation where flexing takes place the stringer helps the board snap or (recoil) back into place. Stringers also give the board some stiffness and rigidity as well.


The LMNOP bodyboards Rebel bodyboard is perfect for a rider that wants to get a decent quality bodyboard by a well-known company without breaking the bank. This thing is very reasonably priced, yet still has a lot of the features you would expect to find on a $200+ bodyboard. This board is semi-stiff with flexibility and recoil thanks to it’s stringer. The channels, crescent tail, and rail to rail rocker give the board a slight bit of speed, but more importantly it gives the board more control and maneuverability. For the price, this is a fantastic quality board.

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