Custom X Body Board X1 42″ Bodyboard

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Formerly known as the Axum: High Density Polypropylene Core TCD Filmed deck material High Grade Surlyn Slick Bottom Double rails at 50/50 Crescent tail and channels Single graphite stringer Dimensions and Specs: 42 x 21.50 x 12.75 x 18.00


Custom X Body Board Review: X1 42″ Body Board

Custom X is known for making awesome high quality body boards. Custom X Body Boards are typically seen ridden by many bodyboarding pros. The Custom X X1 Body Board comes with all of the features of a high quality body board, but is simple and non-flashy. Most Custom X body boards that are in the higher-end price range usually have flashy text, vibrant colors, multiple deck grooves, and unneeded features. However, this Custom X body board is a bit more simplified than some of the other higher quality boards.

The Deck is a nice solid red color with the custom x logo right through the middle. If you ride with a leash then it is known that having a leash strung through the custom x logo actually looks pretty stick. All you have to do is plug the board right through the logo and attach your leash. Along the middle right side of the board is the X1 series logo – which, in my opinion, isn’t too flashy and intrusive. It looks very nice. You have the nice black on red contrast which looks nice as well.

Check out this video to see what can be done on a custom x body  board.


Custom X Body Board Features

  • Prone Template
  • High Density Polypropylene Core
  • TCD Filmed Deck
  • High Grade Surlyn Slick Bottom
  • Double Rails @ 50/50
  • Crescent Tail and Channels
  • Single graphite stringer
  • 42 x 21.50 x 12.75 x 18.00

This board is packed full of a bunch of features that you want in a high quality Custom X Body Board in the X1’s price range. You pretty much get everything under the sun here. You have a crescent tail with channels, A single graphite stringer, double rails at 50/50 and a filed TCD deck. This is just a great overall bodyboard. I wouldn’t say that this board is really good at just one thing. For example, it’s not just good at going fast and pulling tight into barrels or busting huge airs. This board is sort of a jack of all trades.

The prone template: This custom x body board is pretty much made for prone bodyboarding. So this means if you’re looking to get a board that you can drop knee on with stability… i wouldn’t go with this board as it was designed form the ground up for pone bodyboarding. It doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t be able to DK on this board, it’s just not going to be as easy! So if you’re in the market for a drop knee bodyboard you might consider this bodyboard.

Lets talk about the rigidity, flex, and stiffness of this Custom X body board. The x1 comes with a high density polypropylene core. It’s important to note that Polypropylene is better suited for warmer water conditions. It is the most expensive of all the cores in modern bodyboards and it is fairly stiff. It’s a great core for body boards but sometimes it can be too stiff depending on where you’re from. So all in all this board is good for warmer waters. But if you’re going to be going out in really cold early morning waters or anything of that nature you’re going to find that the board isn’t going to flex as much. It’s not as easy to catch a wave on a board that doesn’t flex compared to a board that has just the right amount of flex for you. I would say that if you’re going to be body boarding in fairly warm waters where you can go shirtless or just with a rash guard, then don’t sweat it. PP (polypropylene) is a great core material.

This Custom X Body Board has one stringer in it. The stringer couple with a good stiff core is always, always, always a nice feature for your board. The stringer doesn’t always make the board stiffer, but boards with a too many stringers in it won’t give you a whole lot of flex in the board. Think of the stringer in your board as a… skeleton or spine for the board. It helps the board bend back to its original shape. This insures that if you’re going to be flexing the board to drop in on a wave or something of that nature then the board isn’t going to stay that way. That’s always a good thing.

The TCD Filmed Deck has a nice smooth finish on it. TCD stands for Tight Cell Deck which means the top of the board (the deck) isn’t going to be that porous which means it floats really well! A non-filmed deck will usually really irritate your skin if you’re going bodyboarding with out a shirt on. So with a filmed deck its nice and smooth and non-irritating to your skin so you can go out on those warm days and not get a bad rash on your stomach.

The bottom board of the board or the slick is made from a high grade Surlyn. The very best in the bodyboarding industry is surlyn made by DuPont. The high grade surlyn slick on this custom x body board enhances your boards ability to flex and retain its original shape. Its worth it to note that Surlyn is technically the most expensive slick material on the market, but its so worth it. If you’re going to put the money down for a good bodyboard, then seriously go for it. It adds life and performance to your board. This board has it and it’s awesome.

custom x body board 50/50 rails

The rails on this board allow for more speed! That’s a damn good thing. Wow the more im looking into this board the more I like it. Double rails add stability and just a bit more speed. The Double rails mean that there are two layers of foam running up and down the sides of the board. This strengthens the board and provides the rider with more speed on the wave. The rail ratio is 50/50 which means for you, the rider, the split is even. 50/50 rails are usually meant for lighter-weight riders. with the 50/50 ratio you really get the best of both worlds here, if you have too much button rail you’re not going to be turning as easy, but if you don’t have enough bottom rail you’re going to lose a lot of speed. Like we were saying earlier, this board is a jack of all trades – you get a perfect balance between speed and control.

This Custom X Body board has a crescent tail. Personally, i’m a big fan of crescent tail bodyboards. The more pressure you put towards the tail of the board the more grip and bite into the wave you’re going to feel. The best way you can describe a crescent tail body board is by calling it “sticky” – it really, really sticks to the wave well, it makes doing bottom turns easier and staying up in a barrel a bit easier. But then again, it depends on the type of waves and surf you’re going to be riding on. If you’re local break is fast and speedy waves i would recommend going with a bat tail board. None the less, this board is designed really well.

So whats the verdict here?

This CustomX X1 42″ Bodyboard is perfect for warmer waters, and multiple different surf scenarios. The board is good at doing pretty much everything you want a bodyboard to do. A crescent tail makes the bodyboard controllable and sticky on the waves’ surface. The 50/50 double rails provide, strength and speed which maintaining a perfect balance of control. Let’s not forget about just the right amount of flex the board offers with its high quality PP core and lightweight graphite stringer. A surlyn slick bottom gives the board speed and elasticity in any flex that the custom x body board may experience.

Perfect board for airs, tube riding, and just in general bodyboarding in warmer waters.

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