Stealth 2 Swimfins

The Stealth V.2 has evolved from a culmination of market research and team rider feedback. Key components that were focused on when creating the Stealth V.2 were performance, comfort and style. The performance of the Stealth V.2 has the ideal propulsion to suit your foot and body type to cut through the water. The drainage holes enable the quickest drainage possible for sand and other debris. With the highest grade rubber available the Stealth V.2 gives a secure feel on your foot. The Stealth V.2 has put it’s own touches of uniqueness to what’s widely considered as the most stylish and desired fin shape by elite bodyboarders all over the world. These are unisex swimfins: S = 4.50 – 6 mens shoe size MS = 5.5 – 7.5 mens shoe size M = 7 – 8.5 mens shoe size ML = 9 – 10.5 mens shoe size L = 11 – 12.5 mens shoe size XL = 13 – 14.5 mens shoe size NOTE FROM JAY: These fins run “slightly” large. Example: I wear 10.5 shoes, and the ML (9-10.5) fit me well with a little extra room in them. So, I’d say they run about 1/2 size big.